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This blog is officially dead, but I’m not!

Hey guys, how’s everyone been?

I guess this is just a post to explain why I suddenly stopped participating in the musical-theatre-blogging community. First real life got in the way, and then when I had lots of free time I found that musicals had just sort of…stopped interesting me as much as they used to. While I still loved all these lovely songs and actors, I just didn’t enjoy blogging about them anymore. So, I just…didn’t anymore.

However, I have great news: I’m at a really good point in my life now. I transferred to a much better school where I’m insanely happy; I have more friends than I’ve ever had in my life, I’m getting excellent grades - heck, I even got voted Prom Princess! (While wearing a suit, I might add.) My musical pursuits are going better than ever, I’ve met a lot of really nice people online, my mental illnesses haven’t been flaring up as much as they have in the past, my relationship with my parents has improved tenfold…basically, I’m really happy. So just in case anyone ever worried “oh no is singfurimmer dead or something”, nope, I’m better than ever!

I hope all of you are still doing alright! I want to say that all of you are such lovely people, and I really enjoyed fangirling over foreign people with you. :P Some of you helped me get through some really tough times in the past years too, so thank you so much for that. If you ever want to talk, just send me an ask or something!

I haven’t left Tumblr, though! I’m still active on my other semi-themed blog gothcrossing, as well as my new themed blog pianothings. 

Since this is my only main blog I use it to follow people - so yeah, if you see me following you and you’re like “wtf why is this theme blog following me is it spam”, nah, it’s just that the girl behind it was an idiot and didn’t understand that you can’t follow people on secondary blogs. If I’m following you it’s probably because you post a lot of my other fandom stuff (especially UTAU/Vocaloid/gaming), funny stuff, or other stuff I like.

So, yeah…I’m doing great, and I hope everyone else is too! Maybe at some point in the future I’ll get back into musical fandoms, but for now, I’m still here!

Oh, and I’m super active on my youtube (my Piano YT, my Vocaloid YT), and my soundcloud. So you can go to any of those places to hear what I’m up to.

(Tagging this as Tanz because I’m pretty sure that’ll get people’s attention sorry well it’s sort of related)

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I’m going back and revisiting some of the old musicals I’ve been neglecting…you’ll probably see some stuff from those shows eventually.

I’ve even found a new show to post some things from! So I promise, this won’t be a semi-inactive Tanz blog forever. :)

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Here, have some more Tanz piano awesomeness! The finale…I need to get the sheet music book, and fast.

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CARRIE: The Musical Off-Broadway Premiere Recording Teaser Video.  Coming September 25th!  More info here.


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I can’t believe that I’m 16 now.

I turned 16 recently, which in a lot of kids’ lives is a big deal, but for me…I don’t feel a day older. In a way this is a good sign - I’ve significantly de-stressed my life since two years ago, and I’m now I’m often happy. That’s an unfamiliar feeling for me, to be positive this much of the time. I feel much younger than I did when I was 8-14, and it felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders. That’s great.

But it sort of feels funny. In the eyes of a lot of the adult world, I’m an adult now. I’ve been taking on the responsibilities of a job for years before I’ve been able to legally have one, and I’m nice and comfortable with my under-the-radar, casual dogwalking. It’s something I enjoy doing, and it actually brings in a lot of money for a teenager. But now, I have to get an “official” job. Working in food service seems to be the only real viable option, since the only areas hiring around here are restaurants. But I’m worried about applying for a job. With my mental disorders…I don’t know how I’d perform in that sort of people-heavy environment. The best part of my current job is that I don’t have to interact with people. Like, at all.

I’m also expected to learn how to drive. I just…I’m a partially-blind girl with an anxiety disorder. I’m sure I’m one of the least qualified people to be a good driver.

Because it seems like everyone else in the Euromusicals community is older than me: How do you handle these changes in your life?

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I just realized I’ve never shared my bedroom with Tanzblr…

‘Varjostani kiedon peitteen’

This is the best bedroom ever.


Holy cow… 

I cannot describe how jealous I am of this. *___*

Holy kitkats. My bedroom hasn’t changed in 16 years beyond me adding more bookshelves and picture frames to the wall. (Which means that I have bright, pastel-colored wallpaper and largely purple, sparkly furniture. OH WELL.)

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Here, have some more Tanssi… 

Possibly the greatest picture of them :’) Forever I will thank you for taking it.

The best thing about this is Alfred’s “not amused” face.

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Sometimes I wonder how many people are theatre fans on tumblr.



Reblog if you enjoy theatre.

Any musical.

Any straight play.

If there is a single one you like, reblog.


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Let us take a moment to just appreciate Ville Salonen’s unbelieavable sass.

The second GIF = SO MUCH SWAG.

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My Singable Latin Version of Ewigkeit (Repost)

Here’s something I’ve wanted to talk about on this blog for a while.

I’m actually in the process of trying to translate Tanz Der Vampire into Latin. All the songs. Yup, I’m crazy that way. My goal is to be as faithful to the original lyrics as possible, while still having the text flow smoothly.

So far, I only have two songs completely finished - Mors Est Insolita (Tot Zu Sein Ist Komisch) and Aeternitas (Ewigkeit). I did put this on the MdN forum, but I wanted to share here one of the songs. 

Oddly, some of the syllable-rhythms in this translation actually match up to the English translation (just look at the first line). But, I was far more faithful to the original meanings of the song. If you need me to translate it to try to prove it, I will. Also in terms of rhythm, there’s times where it differs a syllable or two from the original - you would just sing it as two in that beat (or, hold one syllable for two beats). Anyway, overall, I’m very satisfied with this translation. Here it is:

Aeternitas cruciat nos perpetuo.
Horridus ordo termino sine.
Numquam alia, immutabilis semper.
Nullus dolor, nec gaudium,
Modo horrida aeternitas.
Nullus amor, nec odium,
Modo horribilis aeternitas!

Nos homines vincemus aliquando.
Ex tenebris movemus in lucem.
Mox terror, pestis, et venenum regnabunt.
Mundi erimus nos domini brevi tempore!

Advesperascerat; sumus parati.
Umbrae descenderant; scimus noctem.
Suus animae effugent et deinde:
Modo erit metus, concidemus
Nos eos utique.

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My Singable Latin Version of Tot Zu Sein Ist Komisch



Wow, you guys! I’m really amazed that my first translation got positive attention. :)

And because I got a couple requests to put up my TZSIK translation, I redid the parts I wanted to this morning. (Plus, I figured out the little mistake I had made! I just mixed up second-conjugation present tense with past. It’s only one letter of difference, but it does matter.)

As I said, I don’t like this one as much as I like my Ewigkeit translation, but meh, that’s probably just me. Anyway, here you go! (I’ll put rhythm notes at the end.):

Hodie est is
Tam pallidus.
Etsi nuper is
Fuit vividus.
Mors est insolita.
Heri, clamosus.
Nunc, placidus.
Heri, gloriosus.
Et hodie cassus.
Mors est insolita.
Mors est insolita.

Me ubi vixit contrectavit,
Limis oculis spectavit.
Tamen nihil hodie,
Nunc est moratus bene.

Me vexabat.
Cur nunc cogito
De persona erat?
Mors est insolita.
Mors est insolita.

Mors est insolita.
Mors est insolita.
Semper exasperabat me,
Is blaterabat foede.
Nunc modo est olidus,
Nihil iniuriosus.

Infensa eram,
Fuit dominus.
Nunc sum domina,
Et nunc est infensus!

Okay, I’ll try to cover all the pronunciation notes here:

1.”Fuit”, in the third line, is two syllables - “foo-eet”. But in the line “fuit dominus”, it’s one syllable - “fweet”.

2.”Gloriosus” should be three syllables, with the “rio” as one - “glor-yo-soos”.

3.”Et hodie cassus” obviously has way more syllables than the original German line, but you don’t shorten anything. The song gives you plenty of room to sing the line.

4.Because it’s one syllable more than the German line, the “me” in “me ubi vixit contrectavit” should be sung as a quick syllable leading up to where you would start the original line.

5.Because the line is one syllable shorter than the German line, the “is” in “is blaterabat foede” should be stretched out into two notes. “ee-ees blah-ter-ah-baht föe-de”.

6.”Iniuriosus” should be five syllables, quickening the “rio” like before. “In-ee-oor-yo-soos”.

7.If this were an actual performance (hey, let me dream), the last syllable of “infensus” would be cut off by Magda’s scream.

Aaand I think that’s all of the rhythm notes. They should be pretty easy to figure out on their own, anyway.

I’m reblogging my Latin translations for those who haven’t been following me for too long. :)

(And I have to reblog this through my old blog because Tumblr doesn’t let you reblog yourself on your main blog…)

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Y’all might see a new Tanz fanfic soon…(and some bits of Tanz in Latin)



I was going through a very old and cluttered drawer overflowing with a ton of random papers, and guess what I found? Two Tanz-related things, actually:

The first drafts and brainstorming for my Latin translations of Tanz songs. As most of you know, I translated Ewigkeit and Tot Zu Sein Ist Komisch into singable Latin. Apparently, I also started on Carpe Noctem, Eine Schöne Tochter Ist Ein Segen, and Die Unstillbare Gier. They’re only scraps, but hey, maybe I’ll get back to work on them.

I also found a Tanz fanfic that I had completely forgotten I wrote! It’s another short thing, but humorous this time - I’ll type it up so I can post it somewhere soon.

That’s interesting! I took three courses of Latin back in high school but I’m basically a layman… Nevertheless, the second latin verse of Carpe Noctem always makes me laugh, why wouldn’t they check it or… didn’t they just care? Sanguim suga, belua…um, okay? O_o

Yeah, I just shook my head when I first heard some of the Carpe Noctem Latin. But that’s nothing compared to when metal bands try to be “epic” by singing in very inaccurate Latin. (Fun fact, though: Symphonic metal band Coronatus actually gets their Latin right. And they’re GERMAN.)